Our tax professionals are registered U.S. CPAs and Enrolled Agents working specifically with American citizens, Green card holders, and Non-resident Aliens (NRAs) living and working abroad, offering a wealth of experience covering virtually all expat tax filing needs.

We handle everything from basic Form 1040s/Form 2555, and FinCEN Form 114 forms, to more unique or comples tax situations that require numerous forms and often extra research - not only to amke sure your return is handled correctly, but to make sure we are maximizing your tax savings.

When filing your returns, our tax professionals will review your forms to look for potential areas to save you money for current or future tax returns.

We are totally understood that filing an expat tax return can be a real challenge from maximizing your deductions, minimizing your tax liability, ensuring FATCA compliance, to tax equalization calculations.

We set our mission to provide fast, affordable, personable, efficient, and fully compliance tax filing services while maximizing tax savings.

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